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send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

How to send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is world most popular cryptocurrency; it has been in existence since 2008. In 2009 the bitcoin network came into existence. Bitcoin recorded an exponential growth in 2010 bringing it to light. It is a decentralized currency. This means Bitcoin has no central authority. It can’t be controlled from aRead More



Cryptojacking is simply the use of someones computing device to secretly mine a cryptocurrency. Most times these hackers secretly install software in the victims’ computer without their approval. As an end user, it is quite annoying when someone is using your CPU to mine illegally while you battle with slowRead More


Cryptopia Review – Beginners guide

Cryptopia brought the cryptocurrency world one step closer, giving crypto users options of withdrawing, depositing or trading with over 400 cryptocurrencies. What is Cryptopia In exchange for cryptocurrency, Cryptopia lets you sell and buy anything free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world. Does it sound so good toRead More


Tesla’s Investigation of Crypto-Currency Hack

Crypto hack: Tesla investigation confirms that its platform for cloud computing was hacked. The company who raised the flag on the hack is RedLock. It was discovered that this was done to mine crypo-currency which is also known as crypto-jacking. The investigating company, Tesla, said the issue has been addressed. TheyRead More

Okcash Review – HOW TO GET FREE COIN

Okcash is a suburbanized digital currency with very quick confirmations for their transactions, creating them just about instant. This network is suburbanized and free from retail men, providing customers with a secured management of their funding and providing a secure network for all of customer payments. Clients begin earning almostRead More

ethereum review


I will clasify ethereum into two distinct categories One: It is a cryptocurrency called Ether which you can buy on exchanges just like any other. Ethereum runs Ether on the blockchain, it is a distributed network in which each block is verified separately using mathematical algorithms. The blockchain is ‘trustless’;Read More