I won’t be surprise if you are very conversant with Bitclub, because it’s everywhere especially in social media. There are also rumors of them saying that they are the greatest of all “Bitcoin MLM” mining platforms. Despite the Obscurity in Bitclub, it keeps rising in its own way especially in the cryptocurrency world.

Can Bitclub actually be that Big Shot?

Could it be Scam?

Can I hit it big here?

Am sure there are lots of questions popping through your mind about this club. Also I know that there are couples of articles and reviews about BItclub on social media and web pages but can you actually believe them?

Just relax and keep reading as I help you uncover those hidden myths about this business.

What is Bitclub Network?

Bitclub network is simply a community of entrepreneurs that have actually agreed on a perspective on how to make money via Crypto currencies especially via Bitcoin. This club actually gives people the opportunity to invest in a company’s mining operations.

Bitclub uses soft wares to mine digital currencies especially Bitcoins, these softawares also handle currency conversions from one form of currency to another. We all know that crypto currencies are constantly being mined and companies such as Bitclub capitalizes on that opportunity. They actually mine and share the profits with their members.

What are Bitcoin and Digital Currency?

Bitcoin is simply a fraction of cryptocurrency, it’s quite very popular and I believe most people have heard of it. I will say that it is the most popular cryptocurrency.

How are Digital Currencies been mined?

Mining is simply a terminology associated with the verification and confirmation of cryptocurrency transactions. Specific soft wares are being used by miners to solve complicated mathematical problems during crypto transactions and in exchange they get rewarded with some fractions of the mined cryptocurrency. This is actually a win-win situation because traders and miners get to smile at the end of the day.

Bitcoin Miners in Bitclub

As Bitcoin network gets popular more miners are needed to meet up with its daily transactions. Bitclub actually creates a mining pool. A mining pool is simply a network of miners that comes together to join their resources for mining purposes. The miners in a mining pool stand to operate in a more efficient way and they finally share their profits together.

Opportunity in Bitclub

Bitclub is as good as a mining pool, although the company gives its members the opportunity to participate in multiple pools thereby maximizing their profit. Members of Bitclub simply invest Bitcoin into the network, which gives them a chance of earning through numerous ways. Bitclub members could also benefit from its referral system. Bitclub’s targets are to provide a long and short term gains to its members through developing a virtual currency business opportunity.

How to Join Bitclub

You could join the network by simply making a purchase from three different mining pools. You could choose from three pools with a one time up front payment of $500, $1000 or $2000. This will give you an opportunity to benefit from one share of the pools profit.

Note that each mining pool is independent of the other which means that you could either lose or gain in individual pools. Also note that your profits or loss could vary independently.

Profits are stretched to a period of 1000 days which is approximately 3 years.

Working Principles of Bitclub mine pool

It is a simple mechanism with varying figures based on its respective pools. According to the table below we have the invested funds, some percentage of the profits made from invested funds are shared to members while the remaining is being used to purchase shares for members



My Conclusion on Bitclub

I won’t really say that Bitclub is a scam but you should know that every business carries its own risk. I won’t really say I know it all about this club yet but I will advise you trade with caution. Also developing your marketing strength before jumping into this business will be of paramount importance.

I believe my review has done gone a long way in helping you make your decisions about this network.

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