Exchange zone is a Nigerian based platform founded in February 2018 whose sole aim is to help redeem gift cards. This platform helps gift cards owners convert their gift cards from its originally value to its naira equivalent.

Exchange zone currently, is only buying the United State’s (US) iTunes gift cards, Steam cards and Amazon cards of any denomination. They intend to start buying other gift cards in the nearest future. Google play cards amongst others.

The only fiat currency Exchange zone pays in is the Nigerian Naira. Specifically this a Nigerian platform. Only persons with Nigerian bank accounts could use this.

How to use Exchange Zone

The address online is, the user interface is beautiful and user-friendly. The process to sell a gift card on this platform is as easy as putting on a computer.

Click on the link above, it will bring you to the page bellow.

exchange zone

At the top right hand corner, click on ‘Sell Card”. It will take you to the next page bellow.

exchange zone

Select the type of card you want to sell followed by the denomination.

Upload the picture(s) of the card you want to sell (10 pictures not more than 20mb at most).

Provide your correct bank details where your money will be paid into.

A valid email should be provided. Make sure you read and fill all the fields correctly. Then click on ‘’Sell it’’. You’ll receive a mail telling you that your order has been received with your order ID stated boldly.

Once the card is loaded and confirmed, the equivalent amount of the card is paid in Naira into the account provided. All these happen in the space of 10 minutes. The process is so easy, swift and secured.

Customer Service on Exchange zone

In this section, I’ll speak from experience. Exchange zone has one of the best customer care services that have attended to me. They were very professional in their dealings with me even when it was my fault; the young man talking to me was very calm to tell what to do. He contacted me the next day to make sure I was satisfied with the services they rendered.

You can contact an agent via the following medium: Calls: +2349095113492, Whatsapp: +2348149677155, Twitter: @exchangezone9ja, Instagram: exchangezone9ja


This platform is fast growing and takes feedbacks very seriously. They care about what their customers think of them and they try to improve on it.

My Conclusion on Exchange Zone

I have used this platform severally and I have had no doubt about them. I trust them with my cards. They also give the very good rates for the exchange.

Their Turn Around Time (TAT) is mind-blowing. They begin to handle your transaction almost as soon as you sell your card.

The user interface is on point and user-friendly. They make customers their priority and they attend to you as if you’re their only customer which is very amazing.

I believe if they start to pay customers in Bitcoin or Ethereum they’ll reach a bigger market. I am sure they know this and are working on it.


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    Hello. I want to use my bitcoin for ITUNES.

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