send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

How to send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is world most popular cryptocurrency; it has been in existence since 2008. In 2009 the bitcoin network came into existence. Bitcoin recorded an exponential growth in 2010 bringing it to light. It is a decentralized currency. This means Bitcoin has no central authority. It can’t be controlled from a central point unlike the Fiat currency which is controlled by central bank of Nigeria. I will show you how to send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin.

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions like:

How do I send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin?

Who can help me send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin?

How can I send Bitcoin from Nigeria?

I will answer all those questions in this article. The world is advancing and it will only be normal to follow the trend. The days of using banks, western union, money gram and the likes of it are all going extinct. Sending money through these institutions attracts high cost and sometimes takes a lot of time. Exchange rate is also high when you send from one currency to another. In due time, if these financial institutions do not adopt the trend in cryptocurrency they will all go out of business. I believe it is all over the news as money gram tends to adopt ripple into its financial system.

Cryptocurrency has made it quite easy, faster and more secretive for a person who wants to send money to any part of the world.

The first thing you do when you want to send money from Nigeria in form of Bitcoin is to buy Bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin from Nigeria

Buying Bitcoin in Nigeria is a very simple process. All you need to do is register with an exchange company such as Remitano. Go through the verification process and hit the buy now button. Read how to use Remitano. Remitano supports over 30 countries. You can also buy Bitcoin from Luno and other legitimate exchange companies.

send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

How to Send Bitcoin

You can simply send your purchased Bitcoin to the person you intend sending money to. Normally it is expected that the person must have a Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is use to store and receive Bitcoin. A wallet has a unique alphanumeric character use for receiving bitcoin. Download a Blockchain wallet from your Google playstore. You can choose to send Bitcoin directly from the exchange company’s platform (Remitano, Luno etc.) where you purchased it or through your Bitcoin wallet(Blockchain, coinomi etc.).

send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

In other to receive Bitcoin into your wallet, click on receive.  Once you click on receive in your wallet, your receive address pops up. Carefully copy the receive address and send to whoever choses to send you bitcoin.

At the other end, once you have collected the receive address. Click on send in your wallet and paste the receive address in required field. Hit the send button. Some wallets have different transaction fee for sending bitcoin. These fees vary depending on priority. When I say priority I mean how soon you want your friend at the receiving end to receive the bitcoin. The faster you want that to happen the higher your fee. This is simply how you can send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin.

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Is that all about how to send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin?

No. once your friend receives the sent Bitcoin. He is expected to send the bitcoin to an exchange company(Remitano, Luno, coinbase etc) and sell it. Read Remitano or Luno for details.

My Conclusion on How to Send Money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

I believe that this is the easiest and most reliable method of sending money. The person at the receiving end could get the fund in less than 30minutes. Charges are relatively low. Security and privacy is extremely high. You can send Billions of naira through this method without trace.

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