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  1. Remitano is a trading platform where people from over 41 countries buy or sell cryptocurrencies. I will be showing you how to buy cheap bitcoin from Remitano. Presently Remitano only supports four cryptocurrency which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Tether (USDT). I wouldn’t want to tell much story about Remitano right now. I will post another eview about it in the nearest future.

I will give answers to a lot of questions in this article, some of which are

Where do I buy cheap Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Where do I buy cheap Bitcoin in South Africa?

How do I buy Cheap Bitcoin?


Which Platform sells cheap Bitcoin?

I will be teaching you how to buy cheap bitcoin but you must be ready to do some work for it. Perhaps I will call it trading.


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Trading on Remitano

Trading on Remitano is lucrative but requires precision. I mean you must  be careful and follow every instruction as instructed by the escrow.This is the best way to buy cheap bitcoin from remitano. The first thing you have to do is chose which the type of crypto you intend buying. Then you click on it at the top of the page so as to set your page on that particular crypto, offcourse this should be done after selecting the appropriate country. In this article I am going to focus on Bitcoin and I will use Nigeria as my country. This same procedure can be applied for other cryptos and respective countries.

First,  when you log into your account on remitano. Open 3 tabs of Remitano page.

Let’s label them “Tab A”, “Tab B” and “Tab C”

Tab A

Click on sell now. It will take you to a page where you will enter an amount of Bitcoin that you intend selling. Remember we are not selling bitcoin, we want to buy. The main objective of opening ‘Tab A’ is to know the price at which other buyers are willing to buy. Look at the images below

Trading on Remitano

After clicking on “Sell Now”, you will get the page below.

In the image below 0.01 was entered in the box (amount of BTC). You will notice that the price for 0.01 BTC is shown below from different sellers with respective banks. The top most buyer is the highest buyer since he is trading at a higher rate (6,305,072 NG/BTC). Most people that banks with Access bank will sell to him since everyone want to make more profit.

Trading on Remitano

Now we have gotten the rate of the Highest Bidder to be 6,305,072 NG/BTC. We will move to Tab B.

TAB B – Creating an Advert on Remitano

This is where you use your knowledge on what the market rate is at a particular time to create an advert. To create an advert you click on “DashBoard”- “Your Advertisement”- “Create advertisement”

This automatically takes you to  a page where you set your advert based on previous knowledge which you got from “Tab B” ( The rate at which traders are buying BTC). You will simply fill the “create advertisement form”. This is a form where you chose to buy or sell bitcoin, chose the rate at which you want to buy, set your maximum buying rate, Chose your bank, etc.  See form below

The image above shows a little detail about your advertisement, click the “Detailed” icon for further details. Once you click the “Detailed” icon, you will notice three major sections which are the price section, the limitation section and the payment section.

In the price section you will notice the bitUSD Price, Bitcoin price that you pay, Bitcoin price that seller sees, Reference Exchange and Maximum Bitcoin price.

Click on the change close to the “bitUSD price” alter the amount to suit you and what is obtainable in the market. Please while you do this observe the price that seller sees and the price that you pay. Remember you want to buy cheap bitcoin from Remitano, tune it to the barest minimum but not outside the market range.

The Limitation section has Minimum BTC amount, Maximum BTC Amount and Location. The minimum and maximum bitcoin amount is use to quantify your trade. Here you set the maximum and minimum amount of BTC that you can afford to buy.

The payment section is where you chose a payment method (bank transfer), “payment window” which is the allocated time in which you are sure to complete payment to the seller and finally where you chose a bank to operate with. See the image below for further illustrations,

cheap bitcoin from remitano

Finally you Hit the update button to update your information. Go to the advertisement section to ensure that your advert is enabled. You can also go to the front end and attempt to sell bitcoin in other to see if your profile comes up.

Please note that while trading you must be smart enough to stay online and monitor your trade since the process is not entirely automated. Once a seller agrees to sell to you, you will be expected to make payment within the time frame that you chose in the payment section. After seller confirms to have received payment from you. your bitcoin drops into your Remitano wallet.

This process can also be used for buying Bitcoin,Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and USDT from Remitano.

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