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How to Make Bitcoin Online – 2018 Review

A lot of people are looking for ways to make free bitcoin online. Meanwhile some are looking for how to invest or trade on bitcoin. The common thing here is that everyone wants to earn bitcoin. This article will show you lot of ways by which you can earn bitcoin.Read More


Cryptocurrencies – Different Types and Categories

Cryptocurrencies (cryptos) are all set to complete ten years of existence early next year. Over the past decade, much has been achieved. What started off with just Bitcoin has since expanded into an international movement; where thousands of new cryptocurrencies have been created over ten years. The number of newRead More

Cryptocurrency revolution

Cryptocurrency Revolution – Will Cryptocurrency Markets Boom in 2020?

Cryptocurrency Revolution is an important aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of the mainstream media over the past several years. Gone are the days when it used to be a topic discussed only by a few in the tech community in hushed whispers, or as somethingRead More

crypto tab

Crypto Tab Review – Is it a Scam or Legit

Crypto tab is simply a plugin use to mine Bitcoin. This plugin (software) uses your computer’s processor to compute transactions. These transactions are specifically blockchain transactions. Recently crypto tab have been gaining a lot of popularity and people are beginning to ask a lot of questions about it. I haveRead More



Samourai wallet is a bitcoin wallet for the street. It is a bitcoin wallet hand forged to keep your transactions private, your identity masked and most importantly keeps your funds secure. Samourai wallet is a mobile bitcoin wallet coded in Java for Android and the iOS version is still underRead More

send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

How to send money from Nigeria using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is world most popular cryptocurrency; it has been in existence since 2008. In 2009 the bitcoin network came into existence. Bitcoin recorded an exponential growth in 2010 bringing it to light. It is a decentralized currency. This means Bitcoin has no central authority. It can’t be controlled from aRead More