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BINOMO BROKER-Is it a Scam or Legit

Binomo is a trading platform that works on binary format. Recently it has gained lots of attention. Many people are beginning to ask a lot of questions. Binomo is a client oriented company with a proven method of leading the trading market. It began operation in 2014 with its baseRead More


VeChain Review – Things you must know

VeChain (VEN) was launched in 2017 as a blockchain decentralized application platform. VeChain is an application designed to discharge duties on products and supply chain management. It uses a technology known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). VEN makes it easier and secured for manufacturers to extract, manage and share importantRead More



Bithumb, a crypto exchange company based in the capital of South Korea. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the south of Korea and among the top 10 in the world. It is also safe to say that Koreans are currently among the most active crypto traders in theRead More


Cryptopia Review – Beginners guide

Cryptopia brought the cryptocurrency world one step closer, giving crypto users options of withdrawing, depositing or trading with over 400 cryptocurrencies. What is Cryptopia In exchange for cryptocurrency, Cryptopia lets you sell and buy anything free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world. Does it sound so good toRead More


Denarius Review – Ancient money for a new world

Denarius(DNR) is a cryptocurrency created by Carsen Klock. DNR is popularly referred to as ancient money for a new world. It is been characterized with a proof of work and proof of stake hybrid consensus. This cryptocurrency features a new algorithm known as Tribus. The normal fiat Denarius is quiteRead More


Dogecoin Review-A Crypto-Joke Currency

Dogecoin is also known as a joke currency. It was rolled out on the 6th of Dec 2013 with the symbol “Д. Ever since then it has gained popularity, it is capped at 1 billion USD. Dogecoin was intended to be a 100 billion USD currency but it’s now anRead More