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Crypto Tab Review – Is it a Scam or Legit

Crypto tab is simply a plugin use to mine Bitcoin. This plugin (software) uses your computer’s processor to compute transactions. These transactions are specifically blockchain transactions. Recently crypto tab have been gaining a lot of popularity and people are beginning to ask a lot of questions about it. I have taken my time to experience and explore this software. Keep reading as I expose its advantages and disadvantages.


Is Crypto Tab a Scam?


Could it be a way of Mining Bitcoin?

Can I really make a lot out of it?

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How to use Cryptotab

Crypto tab can only be use with chrome browser. All you need to do is install the plugin in your browser.

Installing crypto tab is quite easy

  • Click here to install this plugin(make sure you are using chrome browser). It takes you to the page shown in the image below

crypto tab

  • Add to chrome: clicking the ‘add to chrome’ icon takes you to the page shown below

crypto tab

Click on add extension. Please take note of all the warnings shown on the image above. Proceed at your own discretion. Do not proceed if you do use your system for major financial businesses. It is not worth it.



How to make additional income from Crypto tab

Outside the normal mining with crypto tab. You can make additional income by:

  • Increasing your mining speed: You simply do this by clicking on the menu icon of your crypto tab plugin. See image below for illustration

crypto tab


  • Referal program: You can increase your income massively by referring people. Simply distribute your referral link to friends and family. Once they register with your link, you will definitely earn from them. Remember that for one to earn, google chrome must be opened. As long as your chrome browser is open, you will mine Bitcoins and receive rewards in your account. The income from a large referral network can be thousand times greater than if you mine on your own.

How do I send my Bitcoin to my wallet from Crypto Tab

You can send your Bitcoins from CryptoTab to your wallet any time, just press Withdraw BTC button and fill out your wallet address. Remember that Bitcoin system has a 0.0004 BTC transaction commission, so you need to have at least this amount for withdrawal.



How do I use the plugin?

Simply download the plugin and you will begin mining automatically. You will be mining as long as Google Chrome is open. In some cases you might need to bring down some of your security applications before u can mine. It is recommended that you login with your facebook or gmail account to ensure continuity in case you lose your device.

Crypto Tab Browser

This is a light weight browser that helps you mine more effectively unlike normal browsers such as Google chrome. After registering with crypto tab here. You can download Crypto tab browser here. It is believe that the crypto tab browser has 7 times higher mining speed than chrome.

How long does it take before I can withdraw from Crypto Tab?

It depends on how often you keep Google chrome open on a daily basis, but the minimum recommended withdrawal is 0.0004 BTC. According to crypto tab, they claim you can make 0.0004 in few months.


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My Conclusion on Crypto Tab

Based on my experience, this is a good one. I wouldn’t say it is actually a scam. There are things you must take into consideration before you go into this. This is not a get rich quick scheme. The admins and owners of crypto tab stands to gain a lot from your effort and computer. This will leave you with little or meaningless amount of BTC. I would say that if you are a business inclined person, this scheme is not for you.


If you are a student or a bit jobless and you have plenty of time to spend on little income, you can give it a try. Get more friends registered and earn more.

Nevertheless this will leave your computer porous and open to unknowns. You could easily get attacked.

28 Commentsto Crypto Tab Review – Is it a Scam or Legit

  1. Ty Coo says:

    Yes, this program is really legit! I have a wide marketing base and I grew up on MLMs it really does pay you! I made nearly .003 BTC using it in 3 days! If you don’t want to jerry-rig to multiply processing power then inviting people is cool. I am looking to get Chinese miners since bitcoin is more favored in the east!

  2. mir says:

    reply to my email please
    Is it allowed to have an account on multiple devices from one address?
    Works by android?
    Can it be faster because it digs too little?

  3. Marietjie says:

    The power of Cryptotab doesn’t come from you it comes from the TEN level referral network that you can build. With just your 1 PC you can make around $4 a month using Cryptotab as a browser extension that passively mines bitcoins with your wasted computing power.

    You can adjust the amount of power Cryptotab uses for mining, so performance not effected. If you need all your power, it will turn off all the way for you to. I am running it now.

    Its free to start and you don’t have to trust a cloud-mining company. You can really build lots of mining power with out spending a penny or satoshi! Just use the PC you already own, and you must use Cryptotab then post your affiliate link everywhere you can Social media forums. Done! No cellphones sorry.

    TEN LEVELS OF REFERALS!!! THAT’S NUTS!!! Let’s look at a network with everyone making $4 form their PC you refer 10 friends and everyone else does 5 friends:

    Rewards for Each Tier of Referral’s:
    Tier 0 – 100% PCs: 1 Pool/You: $4 / 4
    Tier 1 – 15% PCs: 10 Pool/You: $40 / 6
    Tier 2 – 10% PCs: 50 Pool/You: $200 / 20
    Tier 3 – 5% PCs: 250 Pool/You: $1,000 /50
    Tier 4 – 3% PCs: 1250 Pool/You: $5,000 / 150
    Tier 5 – 2% PCs: 6250 Pool/You: $25,000 / 500
    Tier 6 – 1% PCs: 31250 Pool/You: $125,000 / 1,250
    Tier 7 – 0.5% PCs: 156250 Pool/You: $625,000 / 3,125
    Tier 8 – 0.25% PCs: 781250 Pool/You: $3,125,000 / 7,813
    Tier 9 – 0.125% PCs: 3,906,250 Pool/You: $15,625,000 / 19,531
    Tier 10 – 0.0625% PCs: 19,531,250 Pool/You: $78,125,000 / 48,828

    Your Monthly Income: $81,273 or 8.86 BTC

    With this system you don’t need a fancy miner. You don’t need to be rich. You just need to get 10 people to sign up and your done. Everyone else signs up their 5 friends and BOOM! $81,273/month USD is your income. If bitcoin goes up to $30,000 per BTC then the 8.86 monthly bitcoins is a $265,800/month USD income that you made with a browser extension that cost you nothing at all.

  4. Melesew says:

    I am in Ethiopia, so how can I withdraw the money, I have now 0.011 BTC

  5. Linda says:

    Does Cryptotab use data from your data allowance if you are on a mobile network?

  6. Abdul says:

    can i get your number.

  7. Jimmy says:

    Hey come to our army Start by joining this link right now ASAP

  8. Farhad Khan says:

    hi friends
    i am from pakistan and i earn from this site i widraw to my blokchain valut its working

  9. ROSHAN says:


  10. Happy Miner says:

    Feel free to use my referral code guys

  11. Dave says:

    Is anybody else having problems with withdrawing? I’ve been using CryptoTab since it started and never had any problems, even in contact with a lot of other people who use it.

    As of this morning myself and a few other people I know who use it have been waiting more than 30 hours for our latest withdraw.

    Normally payouts are much quicker than this.

    Hopefully this is just a glitch of some sort.

  12. mhar arh says:

    since july 2018 not pay me anymore i try some of my wallet same process not working. what do i do now pls help me thank you..

  13. shiar says:

    i have only 3 referrals in my pool please can i know the level i am

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