Cryptopia Review – Beginners guide

Cryptopia brought the cryptocurrency world one step closer, giving crypto users options of withdrawing, depositing or trading with over 400 cryptocurrencies.

What is Cryptopia

In exchange for cryptocurrency, Cryptopia lets you sell and buy anything free of charge to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Does it sound so good to be true? Yes, I thought so too.

I call Cryptopia a digital asset exchange. It is also very easy to use and can be found on the web.
Another fascinating thing about Cryptopia is you can convert New Zealand dollars to any crypto of your choice (thosse present in cryptopia). This service is for those with New Zealand bank account holder.

History and Success of Cryptopia

Cryptopia is registered to a New Zealand company called Cryptopia Limited. The registered company’s address is at 109 Montreal Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, 8023, New Zealand. Its services can be accessed internationally as long as you have an internet connection.

Adam James Clark and Robert Peter John Dawson are the Co-founders and directors of Cryptopia Limited. A company which started as a hobby for two men in 2014. Presently this company has over 50 employees and ranks top 100 most popular exchange platforms. These two men quit their jobs without minding if they’ll fail or succeed. They put their resources together to make Cryptopia what it is today.
After 12 months they faced a challenge with the large influx of users on Cryptopia which made them suspend some trading. It also made people panic because of the volume of financial activities.

Early last year, Cryptopia had about 30,000 users but by December it got to about 1 million users. This heavy inflow of users made the site difficult to manage. This brought about the suspension of some registrations and trading. Cryptopia  is been hosted on more than 100 servers. These servers are funded from its turnovers and it also makes a huge donation to charity. This shows how huge this backyard enterprise has grown.
The New Zealand stock exchange itself doesn’t boast higher trading volumes than Cryptopia Limited.

Privacy and Security in Cryptopia

Cryptopia has two levels of accounts:

  • Level 1: Opening a level 1 account requires only email verification. It has a withdrawal limit of $5,000 NDZ per day. The use of cryptocurrency denomination for both deposits and withdrawals are allowed. This must be done from a cryptocurrency wallet address.
  • Level 2: In level 2, Cryptopia account has a withdrawal limit of $50,000 NDZ per day. Level 2 also allows the user’s account to be funded with NDZ fiat fund. Funds must be transfered from a New Zealand bank account. This level of account requires the user to produce a proof of address and a copy of an ID card issued by a government.

How to open an account on Cryptopia

If you want to own a Cryptopia account, follow this link  and click on “Register” which is at the top right-hand corner of the screen.


The Register tab will bring you to the figure below. Supply the necessary information and click the register button beneath the form. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you supplied so make sure you have access to the email given.


After filling the form above. A confirmation mail will be sent to you. Go to your email and click the verify link to verify your email and then complete your registration.
On completion of your registration, it will bring you to the login page below. Fill in your login details and begin to transact.


Features of Cryptopia

Cryptopia has wide varieties of features, some will be of discus in this write-up. Feel free to ask for any feature you wish to know in the comment section. I’ll do my best to help you out.


This feature is very simple to use and the user interface is user-friendly. Here, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurency found on Cryptopia.
One can use the exchange feature to pay bills.
From this feature, you can view the market summary, view your open order and your trade history.


The marketplace is one of the key features that made Cryptopia very unique.
Here, you can buy and sell anything (ranging from Jewellery, computers, furniture, adult contents e.t.c). It could be done from anywhere  using cryptocurrencies. This service is free. You can even set up auctions as you wish.
Below is a picture of what the marketplace interface looks like in dark mode.



On this feature Cryptopia users (Cryptopians) can interact with each other. Cryptopians learn new things and also get information that affects the crypto world.


Here, Cryptopians can get all the information they need about the different coins found on Cryptopia.


Beneath this feature, you will see the News, Paytopia, Rewards, Lotto and Arbitrage icons.
The News updates Cryptopians on daily happenings.
The Paytopia is an easy place to buy features and services of Cryptopia.
The Rewards is where you earn free coins on some certain actions performed on Cryptopia. These rewards are given randomly to random actions performed within specified amount of time.
Arbitrage is used to take advantage of price between different markets.

My Conclusion on Cryptopia

Cryptopia has its head quarters located in New Zealand. It has good reputation thus far and has never been hacked. This shows they have good security and privacy system. It has a vast marketplace where goods are bought and sold with over 400 different available cryptocurrencies.
Personally, I’ll urge every crypto user to join the Cryptorian community.

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