How to Make Bitcoin Online – 2018 Review

A lot of people are looking for ways to make free bitcoin online. Meanwhile some are looking for how to invest or trade on bitcoin. The common thing here is that everyone wants to earn bitcoin. This article will show you lot of ways by which you can earn bitcoin.

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  1. Micro earnings
  2. Ponzi, HYIPs and coin doubler
  3. Owning a faucet
  4. Signature campaigns
  5. Giving out or lending Bitcoin
  6. Bitcoin forks
  7. Mine Bitcoin
  8. Trading in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies
  9. Affiliate programs
  10. Gambling, this could include Binary options or bets
  11. Writing about Bitcoin

Do you want to Make Bitcoin online?

Bitcoin is just like an actual currency, most tines people consider bitcoin as a new form of currency. The truth is that it is as good as any currency that you see out there. Speaking of real currencies you can attest to it that there are no easy way out. It will definitely cost you something to make something.

The first on the list is

  1. Micro earnings – This encompasses PTC, Micro jobs, Faucets etc.

Risk – Minimal

Income – Minimal

Effort – High

This is one of the easiest and cheapest method on how to make bitcoin online. Although it will cost you a lot of time. In micro earnings you do some mundane tasks for very little fraction of bitcoin. A typical example of this, is the bitcoin faucets. In bitcoin faucets, you visit sites every few minutes to earn little fraction of bitcoin. Some android applications are built for this purposes. They can be regarded as paid to click (PTC).

From experience, clicking on ads can fetch you about 6 to 55 cents every one hour. This depends on how diligent and consistent you are. Am sure that 55 cents is not worth your time, computer (phones) or electricity used for this purpose.


  1. Ponzi, HYIPs and coin doublers

Risk – Very Risky

Income – Minimal- High

Effort – Low

Ponzi schemes has been in existence for decades with the recent one popularly known as MMM (Mavrodi Mondial Money). I think most people know how the MMM Ponzi scheme ended. Shortly After the introduction of bitcoin, many Ponzi schemes adopted its system of payment. This is because Bitcoin removes every boarder limit in terms of money transfer.  HYIP is known as High Yield Investment programs. They claim to double your coin every few days. I once did cryptoshare (HYIP). Cryptoshare actually promised me 10 percent of my investment every day. They actually kept to it for 5 days. I felt it was real and invested a whole lot of money into it. After the day I invested I couldn’t log into their site again. That was how I lost.

The truth is that most of these sites take money from new customers to pay the old ones. This is done after they must have removed a certain percentage of what the new customer paid in. At the long run you discover that the system cannot sustain itself. It will eventually crash. I recommend you sit this one out.

  1. Owning a Faucet

Risk – Minimal

Income – Relatively low and sometimes medium

Effort – medium to high

When I say faucet is simply mean a blog or website where you tell people things about a subject. In this case you talk about bitcoin and in return people get to patronize your advertised products. Owing a faucet is not something you expect instant return. It could cost you your time and little income to set up, depending on your skills.

The benefits mainly come with time. People need to get to know your site and probably you may need to advertise a lot.

make bitcoin online

  1. Signature Campaigns can help you Make Bitcoin online

Risk – Low

Income – low

Effort – Minimal

Signatures can be used to campaign or advertise products in some forum and get paid for every post one writes. BitcoinTalk is a leading example of where you can earn from signature campaings. In BitcoinTalk you get paid according to your level. Full members get to earn much more than others, To become a full member you need to have about 120 posts in your name. In BitcoinTalk you can earn as much as $5 per hour depending on your level and how many write-ups you get to post.

  1. Giving Out or Lending Bitcoin

Risk – Highly Risky

Income – Minimal to High

Effort – Low

This is extremely risky. There are some sites that are specialized in helping people connect with lenders and borrowers of bitcoin. They give out bitcoin at high interest rate. Interest rate could range between 15 to 20 percent.

Most times bitcoin are been given out with no feasible collateral. Borrowers tend to run with borrowed funds. For me this is a NO until the system is been perfected.

  1. Bitcoin Forks

Risk – High

Income – not stable

Effort – Moderate

Bitcoin fork is mostly considered as a cool way to make bitcoin online. It is simply the splitting of bitcoin into a new coin. Most cases you end up getting exactly what your bitcoin balance is in the new coin. What I am trying to say is that if you have 1 bitcoin before the fork, after the fork you will still have your 1 bitcoin and 1 of the new coin. Previously we had bitcoin fork which produced Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin diamond etc.

The risky part of this is that sometimes claiming your new coin after the fork because a bit difficult. You might need an expert to help you sort it out. Some people give out this task to companies and get defrauded at the end. You might lose your bitcoin and the new coin.

  1. Mine Bitcoin

Risk – High

Income – Minimal

Effort – Medium to High

This is mainly the most popular way on how to make bitcoin online. Many people feel that once you need free bitcoin the easiest way is to mine. Cryptotab is one of the ways one can get bitcoin, some see it as mining, although I wouldn’t say. You can read about cryptotab here.

Mining bitcoin is quiet expensive if you re to buy equipment, pay for space and the pay for electricity bills. Bitcoin mining equipment are relatively more expensive than other mining equipment for Altcoins. There are applications and websites (cloud mining) claiming to be good at mining bitcoin. Some wouldn’t even ask for a dine from you. You should know that those that won’t ask you for capital will end up paying you pea nut that’s if they don’t scam you. The actual mining sites will collect so much from you. You will wish you used your fund for trading or other businesses.

  1. Trading Bitcoin or Altcoins

Risk – High

Income – High

Effort – Medium to High

This is one of the fastest and most risky ways to make Bitcoin online. I love this method so much and I can attest to it that it can pay you very well if you are good at it. It takes time to learn how to trade, I will advise you start with small capital before sinking huge sum of money into it.

Traders basically buy Bitcoin when it is low and sell when it is high in exchanges. Another good way to trade is looking for gaps in exchanges. When I say gaps I mean checking the price for bitcoin on different exchanges to see if there will be any significant difference. Once you notice a significant difference you can buy from the cheaper exchange and sell in the expensive exchange. This way you make your profit instantly. Read this post on how to trade on Remitano. You can decide to trade or compare prices between Luno and Remitano.

Finally I must advice you to bear in mind the risk associated with trading. You need to always monitor your trade to avoid been taken unaware by a Dip (instant fall in price). A Dip can make you lose a lot in few minutes or hours.

  1. Affiliate Programs

Risk – Low

Income – Medium to High

Effort – High

One of the good ways you can make bitcoin online is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs can be really lucrative. Exchanges are very good at rewarding their customers for sharing their affiliate links. Remitano gives out about 10% the current price of bitcoin when you refer someone that trades with them.  Luno also have an affiliate program but its benefits are very small. You can read about Luno here.

Other exchanges that runs an affiliate program are Binance, local bitcoins, Coinbase, Virwox, paxful etc.

  1. Gambling, this could include Binary options or bets

Risk – Very High

Income – High

Effort – low to medium

This is quite a risky way of making bitcoin online. Though, it can yield good income. Gambling is simply staking your bitcoin for a price. You either win a good percentage of your staked bitcoin or lose your bitcoin. Recently bitcoin gambling is referred to as binary options.

In binary option, you will be given time to decide the faith of bitcoin ( rise or fall). If you chose rise(up) and the price of bitcoin eventually goes up, then you have won. Otherwise if it falls when you chose rise, you have lost your staked funds. Some good sites with binary options are Binomo, IQ option etc.


There have been so much explanations on how to make bitcoin online. Their risk, effort and income has been accessed. Its up to you to make the best use of this article. I am open for further discussion or mentor-ship.

Please leave your comment on the comment box or send us a mail. If you have learnt anything from this post, we urge you to share with friends.

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