Okcash Review – HOW TO GET FREE COIN

Okcash is a suburbanized digital currency with very quick confirmations for their transactions, creating them just about instant. This network is suburbanized and free from retail men, providing customers with a secured management of their funding and providing a secure network for all of customer payments. Clients begin earning almost daily rewards on the OK coins by simply keeping their okcash Purse or pocketBook (software) running.

Okcash history

Okcash was created back in 2014 as Pimpcash. The branding materialized in the month of February 2015 by lead developer OKtoshi. It has been gaining ground as a well-liked community based crytocurrency. It is sort of stimulating coin as there’s nothing revolutionary happening underneath the hood – it’s simply another proof of stake (PoS) coin, well-liked nowadays among smaller coins. The cryptocurrency initially started as a PoW/PoS  hybrid model but it is now a total PoS model.

As a PoW/PoS  hybrid model miners had had only  15days to mine coins through GPU’S and customized rigs after which the only way to create new coin would be through proof of stake.

Why okcash

Okcash is an open Sourced Cryptocurrency with quick speed and low fees. The fact that it’s Proof Of Stake ( PoS) is a good advantage, its support team is sweet and responsive which is incredibly necessary . Staking can have eleven halvings and is predicted to last till the year 2148. This cryptocurrency was a hybrid cryptocurrency that started with captive token mining  in November 2014 before it transformed into a full PoS currency.

Features of okCash Network

Below are some of the major features of OkCash

okcash features


  1. OKCash has one of the fastest transaction times in terms of cryptocurrencies and can be used to send currency to any part of the world
  2. Easy to use: The pocketbook is straightforward i.e. simple to use and well created to make things easy for everyone. They also have a good support team that responds within a short period.
  3. You can use OkCash to host a site discretely. All you need do is log into discretewebhosting and make your payment with Okcash.



This coin can be mined using different algorithm. Details of how to mine it was not seen. The generally promoted link for mining it (okcashpool.info) is down. About 105 Million Okcash could be mined.

This coin is built in such a way that people can earn more coin by simply keeping some amount of currency in their wallets. After storing this coin for some time they automatically get staked and start accumulating coin. They could make about 69% per year without buying a GPU machine or any mining equipment. Below is a table showing the reward for staking per year.



  • Okpaper wallet
  • okcash wallet for android


You can buy OKcash with SOFORT, GiroPay and SEPA at Europe’s biggest exchange.

The Canadian community recently launched an OkCash embassy in Canada. This embassy makes it possible for users to buy and sell this coin using local currencies.

The currency is currently been traded at Bittrex, Bleutrade and Cryptopia. It is also accepted through cointopay. Cointopay is a cryptocurrency payment processor which you can use to pay online merchants for their goods and services. You can simply buy from bitcoin from Remitano and exchange it for OKcash in any of the exchanges above.

The LiteBit platform provides you the service of buying and commercializing cryptocurrencies.

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