Tesla’s Investigation of Crypto-Currency Hack

Crypto hack: Tesla investigation confirms that its platform for cloud computing was hacked.

The company who raised the flag on the hack is RedLock. It was discovered that this was done to mine crypo-currency which is also known as crypto-jacking. The investigating company, Tesla, said the issue has been addressed. They mentioned that the database is intact and no customer data was stolen.

RedLock also confirmed that Tesla’s log-in details were stored on a system with no password protection.

A spokesperson said that the hack had effect only on the internally used engineering test cars. “Our initial investigation found no indication that our customer’s privacy or security or vehicle safety was compromise in any way”.

The hackers found log-in details to Tesla’s Amazon web services environment. This is a system originally designed to manage applications by Google. According to RedLock, it was reported that the console was not password-protected. The value of the crypto-currencies mined by hackers is unknown.

Fortune reported that Tesla paid RedLock the sum of $3,133.70 (£2,243.73) for exposing the security flaws.

The researchers said that the hackers used sophisticated evasion measures to be undetected. This includes masking their internet protocol (IP) address with cloud flare’s content and keeping their use of computer power very low.

RedLock published a report last year saying that 53% of organisations using cloud storage services were accidentally exposed to the public. This lead to leaking hundreds of their credentials through Kubernetes services amongst others. There was a similar attack on British insurance company AVIVA. The attack was uncovered by the firm in October 2017.


What is Cryptojacking?

This is the use of a computing device to mine Crypto-currency secretly. It is define as the creation of new digital coins by solving complex mathematical problems.

These hackers installs software on other people’s computer to mine coins without their approval which helps them save money.

The rising value of digital currencies is making cryptojacking more widespread. Services offered by YouTube, Starbucks and the UK’s information commissioner’s Office was compromised by hackers.

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